Glowstone Quartz Surfaces are 93% pure natural quartz and 7% other chemical substances. The debonair appearance provides the feel of natural stone but with an unbeatable quality and panache. Each of Glowstone’s Quartz Surfaces is non-porous, homogenous and highly durable. It is resistant to scratches, stains and is virtually maintenance free.

Glowstone Quartz Surface is coloured using finest quality unleaded colourants which ensure homogeneity and evenness in colour. The secret behind Glowstone Quartz Surface groundbreaking material strength and its beauty lies in high-purity quartz, a binding polymer.

Glowstone Quartz Surface makes it possible to create anything from beautiful kitchen worktops to the modern flooring and cladding. The surface can be structured with the endless possibility of adding a variety of customized aesthetic elements like recycled glass or mirror chips, siliceous metal, pearls, etc giving Glowstone Quartz Surface an urbane and matchless visual appearance.

Product Specification

Standard Slab Size :- 3030 mm x 1430mm
Jumbo Slab Size :- 3230 mm x 1630mm
Available in :- 20mm & 30mm

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