Compac Quartz is a mixture made up of more than 90% natural quartz, which makes it extraordinarily tough and practical. It is a fantastic choice for kitchen worktops, bathrooms, staircases, floors and wall cladding.

Additionally, it offers abroad choice of varying shades of quartz colour, offering a vast range of finish choices from a kitchen surface to a total project for a range of decorative finishes. Compac worktops is an investment for the future and because of its durability, Compac worktops is going to perform superbly for your project.

Compac Worktop Colours and Finishes

It is available in 72 striking finishes and colours ranging from whites, creams, pinks, to blues, greens, purples, greys, blacks and many more.

Textures vary from grainy effects through pure colours, and worktops including pebble, glass, quartz and other fragments of different sizes. Compact worktops are also obtainable in bold marble-effect finishes like Emperador or Coralito.

The range of textures and colours in this specific countertop is available in matt, polished, and honed finishes. This variety makes it easier to find a Compac finish that would blend with any style, design, and colour scheme, including these choices: Kenya, Azabache, Titaneo, and Lactea.

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