Whereas marble and granite worktops are quarried in slabs and then cut to size, Cimstone worktops are made from quartz. The stone itself is pulverised and then mixed with polyester resins forming a material which is extremely hard and non-porous. Cimstone quartz worktops are composed of approximately 93% quartz and 7% polymers.

To this is added colouring and with Limestone’s artistic flair may also contain pieces of mirror or glass, seashells, brass filings, basalt and so on which give a wonderful decorative effect. All of the mirror or glass used is recycled. Even the water used in the process is recycled back in the factory which makes Cimstone quartz worktops extremely environmentally friendly.

Cimstone is also extremely hygienic. Because it is non-porous it means that microbes, bacteria, viruses and moulds cannot get a grip and breed. For this reason, Cimstone is used in hospitals, catering outlets and laboratories. It was also chosen by the Tetley tea company for the work surfaces in their tea tasting laboratory where it has been in use for two years on a daily basis and has never shown any sign of staining despite regular spills.

Although it is extremely hard wearing Cimstone should not be abused. Dropping a cast iron saucepan on it from a height may possible chip it although it is unlikely. Similarly, while it can withstand heat it is not a good idea to place a hot pan directly on the surface; always use a trivet or heat pad.

Cimstone comes in a range of over 70 different colours and designs so there is bound to be one of their worktops to please everyone.

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